Beyond The Badge Episode 03 “Steady As She Goes”

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Jason Stum

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I'm the Co-Creator of Beyond The Badge and the Digital Marketing Manager for the LaFontaine Automotive Group.
  • none of your business

    Why don’t you get real deputies on this show? I’m tired of seeing these high up garbage eaters who kissed enough butt or slept there way up. Your shows quality is going down the higher up in the department you go. How about you capture the stress from the real deputies who don’t see their families because of forced overtime or court dates. How about you get emotions from the families who never got (or get) to see their father, mother, husband,or wife. Do an episode about how hard it is for families of deputies not these pencil pushing crybaby I’ll sleep with whoever (Lisa king) and stab you in the back (Mr. Under(the desk)sheriff). Get away from the virus and corruption above and show some real stuff. When you get the hint I will watch your series again until then have fun showing off your joke of leadership in this department. By the way I do not work for this police department but know someone who has for a long time and I’m tired of seeing these a holes you parade off who really don’t give a flying blank about anybody but themselves.

  • Stacy Schuler Cain

    May the Patton’s rest in peace….

  • Stacy Schuler Cain

    Thanks for sharing Lisa!!