Beyond The Badge Episode 02 “Restoration”

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  • Cathy Foy

    I’m going to state that I’m September 22, 2012 I was arrested on my forth prostitution. I have been clean and sober for 2 1/2 years when I was arrested by Officer Newman for propositioning a police officer. it was the most horrible day of my life. I was arrested and taken to the substation on Holmes Road. and which Renee Blaze and a couple other ladies were there to talk to me about the help that I can receive in the jail, and when I get out. I can say that I knew what Renee blaze was saying. only because I was right alongside of her for years. and just see Renee all cleaned up and talking to me I knew she was REAL. Not because she had a job to do but because she had been there so many times. I tried to pull the wool over her eye and tell her oh I’m just going out
    there to find money to get a ticket to go back hometicket back home. 1041 her she’s an adult scene she know what the hell I was talking about

    • Cathy Foy

      Only because she had been there done that she realized that it was not just an addiction it was a lifestyle. She is a blessing to our community. and what she had to say about Miss profit and what I heard from Ms Wilson was so amazingly true I can say those officers there miss Wilson miss Prophet was there for the inmates and not just because they had to have a job they wanted to help. Larissa was one of my bunky’s she was in and out of jail almost every time I was there. and to see her see the light touch my heart but I can say since September 22nd 2012 I have been clean and sober. I had left the state of Michigan every located in South Carolina. I am back in Michigan and have been here since Memorial Day weekend 2013. I attend Washtenaw Community College. and which as soon as I get my grades up. I will be studying juvenile addiction. this episode touch my heart. and if anybody knows it was the truth what Renee said was the truth. but I will say one thing unfortunately so many other girls when in and out of Washtenaw County Jail with the help never tunity to be able to get rehabilitation

      • Cathy Foy

        Went in and out of the Washington County Jail. what the promise that they were going to go to rehab and complete the program. it doesn’t always work that way. I will state that while incarcerated at the Washington County Jail I was never offered, the option to go to rehab. only because others prior to me had misused and abused the help from any of rehabilitation center area.

        • Cathy Foy

          What a great job you are doing and thank you for the episode. I’ll never forget it. and thank you Renee blaze and all the Wahtenaw County officers thatbelieves in me. I can do this