Beyond The Badge Episode 01 “There’s Hope”

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Jason Stum

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I'm the Co-Creator of Beyond The Badge and the Digital Marketing Manager for the LaFontaine Automotive Group.
  • Jennifer

    My friend recommended this link to me. I am a current Criminal Justice student at OCC and will share this link with my classmates. Lots of luck with the program!

    • Jason Stum

      Thanks for dropping by and watching the show, Jennifer! We appreciate you helping spread the word.

  • Audrey Neitling

    I really loved this. Great job! It was so good to see so many familiar faces….Jerry, Sabrina, Dickie, and Joe. Miss you all.

    • Jason Stum

      Thanks for tuning in Audrey. We have so much more planned for the show over the coming months. Stay tuned!

  • Roxann

    I am a Social Work student at EMU and also work for Dawn Farm and Washtenaw County Office of Public Defender. It is my passion to be a part of the solution in the topics that you are touching on. This show is a very creative and inovative idea that, in my opinion, will be helpful and insightful for the community! Good luck with future episodes I am looking forward to seeing more!

    • Jason Stum

      Thanks Roxann, we appreciate your support!

  • vette96drvr

    Glad to see the Sheriff working to get the community involved and hopefully putting law enforcement in a positive light in the publics eye. Did I also recently see some Explorer’s out in the community? I was pretty sure I had and was happy to have seen that. Wasn’t it Ron Scheible that stopped that program? I felt that was a BIG mistake to have ended that program. Our young people need to learn respect for law enforcement and have a path to help them into a career in the field if that is what they want. Can’t wait for the next episode and thanks for not turning it into one big Lafontaine commercial. Subtle works best.

    • Jason Stum

      Thanks for comments and we’re glad you liked the show. I just wanted to add that the Explorers Program restarted a few years ago and is currently being run by Sgt. Gieske.

  • Lori Madison

    Good stuff! Makes me wanna get back into the action! Praying for my law enforcement brethren. Nobody really knows what you deal with day to day. This provides a great look into day to day activities of keeping the streets safe.

    • Jason Stum

      Thanks for your support, Lori. It’s comments like this that let us know we’re on the right track with the show!

  • Aaron Zahn

    Well done! Would you take suggestions for future episode subjects or do you have them lined up already?

    • Jason Stum

      Hi Aaron, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. We do have a general outline in place for our future episodes. That being said, we also want to make sure we’re giving our audience the kind of content they want. Feel free to share your suggestions here or you can email them to me at – thanks for watching!

  • kristin

    Bravo! It’s interesting to see where the other law enforcement shows leave off at. It truly makes me hopeful that some of these people on the show could be rehabilitated. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Danny McLaughlin

    What an awesome job you are doing Sheriff Clayton. This new program Beyond the Badge is a great step in opening the doors of communication with the community. I am very impressed with it and wish this Old Retired Deputy could have worked under you as you follow your dream. I remember our days of working together, you in the jail as an intake Sgt. and me as the Road Patrol Officer who brought you subject who was under arrest and you would say to me as I was filling out the booking form, Mac what do we have here. We had a good working relationship and you are still carrying it through with your dream today. Blessings to you and your Department.
    Sheriff just to let you know my heat is still in it and the Badge has never come off. I have to use a walker to get around these days but I have red and blue lights on it with a siren to let people know I am still on patrol. When I get time I will send you a picture of my patrol vehicle